Meet 22 women entrepreneurs redefining African luxury and exciting the world with Afroluxe brands

Africa’s women entrepreneurs and luxury brand builders are turning their attention to the growing global appetite for luxury products that also have a strong back-story. ... read more

Fashion We Rock: Femi Bags Presents "My World of Bags" at Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012:

Carefully designed to delight, each bag is stylish, yet simple, yet chic and exudes a combination of art and design. With an acute attention to detail, Femi concentrates on very simple shapes, which are enriched by an attractive palette of colours, varying textures ... read more


NEW DISCOVERY: I absolutely love getting haute tips on fabulous things!! Arise Magazine Fashion Week kicked off and these fabulous “Femi” handbags were featured. They’re bright ... read more

A handbag could make or mar outfits:

Femi Olayebi, the Creative Director of My World of Bag ( MWoB) has a Bachelor Degree in French from the University of Ibadan and a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Translators and Interpreters , Strasbourg, France. In this interview with Glamour, she reveals that ... read more

Vital Voices Program Draws International Women Business Leaders to Campus:

On April 29, 2009, a select group of emerging women business leaders from developing countries around the globe gathered at Georgetown University's Mortara Center to meet with Carol Lancaster, professor in the Walsh School of Foreign ... read more

Be Prepared to Answer the Question: 'What Makes You Different?':

With bright, unexpected color combinations, trimmed with buckles, African beads, and swatches of animal-print fabric, Obafemi Olayebi's handbags are hard not to notice. For 17 years Olayebi has been ... read more

A Path to Self-Assurance and Globalization Lined with Gemstones, Metal Plates and Glass Beads:

In Ibadan, the most populous city in Nigeria about 75 miles inland from Lagos, ancient, crumbling walls still surround the town like an elderly woman protecting her grandchildren. In the central business district, ... read more


Kindred Sole Edition featuring Femi handbags

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